I will try to be as fair as possible considering I had a bad experience with SniperHill in many occasions.

This is NOT my first deployment so I have previous experiences with this company before and I have something to compare to since I've also used other available services. I'm currently in KAF and I opted to use the Expert service for $90 a month. Previously I was using a similar level service from IFONE Neda for the same price (wireless only) and I had the chance to use my friends mobile hot spot service provided by Huawei.

SniperHill, despite the fact that is probably the oldest service established since the Iraq/Afghanistan campaigns started, shows NO IMPROVEMENT on the services they provide. I understand the cost for being an undeveloped country, the risks and the technology used to provide service but you can tell there has been no noticeable improvements since at least 2008. The service is slow, the service is spotty and their equipment is outdated. The other two options I cited before are much better choices and I would gladly give them my business if it wasn't because, being close to redeploy, I wouldn't be able to receive their service on other locations I will be arriving shortly.

I know SniperHill is a business and they try to maximize profit but my impression is that they do it at their quality expense. You can't tell me that in 6 years and being sometimes the only game in town you haven't profit enough to invest on an additional dish or routers.

SniperHill hides this lack of interest on improving their service (perhaps in light of the retrograde mission) behind technical jargon like latency, broadband, etc.

Maybe to the inexperience user it sounds legit but when I hear the excuses that clearly under trained technicians provide and when I use other internet service providers I realize that a better internet service is possible. SniperHill just refuses to improve.

If you still have time left in Afghanistan and if your location offers other services, my advice is to AVOID SNIPERHILL at all cost. You will spend more time login back in over and over again and nobody needs that stress added to the ones we already experience from being here.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Kandahar, Kandahar

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