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SniperHill Internet Service provides poor quality service to US service member who are deployed to Iraq. SniperHill charges $85.00 a month from US service members for 128K internet connection.

Most of the time you can only get about 68K. There are very frequent service interuptions. SniperHill guarentees that service members can use "Skype" and other services to call home, but the bandwidth has difficulty supporting it and the calls are frequently dropped.

SniperHill should be forced to drop thier high prices or improve the quality of thier service.

Our US Service members and the civilians who support them are deployed in harm's way. They deserve better internet service than an $85.00 rip off.

Monetary Loss: $85.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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I fully understand the problem that we are having with Sniper Hill. We have not had it here at all until reasently. We actually had a service that has been pushed out by Sniper Hill that was a halfway decent provider and was non-profit. I feel that we need to nail this service if they want to call themselves that to the wall.

But to the so called soldier who says never trust there Sr. NCO's or Sr. Leadership and thinks there sould be a coup in our own service needs to grow up. You are truly showing you lack of maturity. If you want to be productive find out the facts then act on them. The statement you wrote above is enough by it self to have you lock up.

I pray to god you don't ever become a Sr. NCO with that kind of attitude. Don't get me wrong, not saying every leader out there is perfect or good but the majority of us have busted our *** to get to were we are. Sorry for your luck if you havent had any good leadership, but be apart of a solution not part of making a bigger problem.

As for Sniper Hill, I will be reasearching their crooked service that are screwing my soldiers over and other soldiers who are defending our country. ans so help me god I hope I am able to put them out of business.


While my side of the network has never been rediculous, it has been getting ***. I bought the 128k not thinking about it and the network didn't just slow down to half the time, it slowed further. So I upgraded, got the discount price of $64 (the exact ammount I spent on 128k) and...no change.

I'm also a signal guy so sitting in my little personal *** hole of Afghanistan I troubleshoot my problems to see where the issue lies. They recently installed a server that funnels all the traffic down from the satellite (that's right, in order to reach a server in the same room as all the routers in that office that connect to the satellite you have to go over the satellite) through it and back up to the satellite going to certain social networking sites such as facebook. Especially facebook.

I checked the times on those and tracked my way to servers in indonesia, india, southeaster asia, iraq..all those times were approx. 10-200ms longer ping times than the one going to this little 'proxy'. Not to mention when I checked the IP going through the server for Facebook it wasn't the same as the IP that Facebook actually uses and is set up to translate www.facebook.com to the IP on that server, which keeps anyone from being able to find out where the issue is because it's stuck right at the server in their office.

So they have a server that funnels all sniperhill to facebook traffic through it AFTER it goes over the satellite, then sends it BACK to the satellite and goes out to reach the actual facebook page..if it's reachable at all.

And yet they have no proxy servers that funnel through that office to servers run by SniperHill in other countries. And probably what feels worst to me isn't the idiotic social networking proxy they set up, but the fact that not only can I just plain not reach some .mil sites...some are specifically BLOCKED by SniperHill using it's "squid" block. Whatever the *** that thing is - as opposed to the SniperHill CENTCOM block.

I almost feel bad for tracing these peices of the network but they've falsified ping times by stopping them all at a server that connects www.facebook.com to some bogus IP then routing it along to the actual IP, which slows it down and does a little more than double the amount of time it takes to reach facebook.

They also can't be trusted to make good cables. I've replaced three of their terminations, a roommate of mine has replaced six (and this is just for our 40-man signal company alone), and we've had others replace their own terminations on the cables. Their *** isn't reliable by any means. And up until a month ago, they had a router for our barracks sitting in a little wooden hut/supply closet with no door under the stairs to the upper level of the hardstand RLBs.

It's hard being a networking guy some days but these folks make me wonder about their intelligence level some days.


I will deal with them when im home on R&R

First is a class action suit I already have enough affadavits and an attorney. Second is Im drafting an open letter to Congress and proposing a bill similar to the one that got the loan sharks out of our hair.

I have already tried the Soap Box

Next will be the Jury Box and then the Ballot Box

the only box left is the Cartridge Box


I sent emails to both CNN and Fox news hoping someone will do something about this... It has been out almost every day for a significant part of the day for the last month...

And it cost me 110 for that, not to mention it is NEVER 256k as promised.

There needs to be a class action lawsuit. That is like selling me cable then forgetting to give me the box to tune it in...


Never trust your senior brass, NCOs, or civilians. Sniper Hill is one example of how corrupt our so called leaders are to the repercussions of the guys who actually matter.

I honestly wish for a coup within the armed forces. If every soldier who mattered would refuse to work today, things might actually get better. Our leaders might have been good 10 or so years ago, but not anymore. They are getting their pockets lined by companies like Sniper Hill so they can overcharge and screw soldiers.

Even the MWR barely gives you enough time to talk with loved ones, and some are even getting shut down. Wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't someone behind that because they weren't making enough revenue. The only people in our armed forces that have it all are the special forces. Yes they earned it, but at the same time shouldn't the whole Army get what they are provided too?

If anyone is reading this, start spreading the message of a strike. I'm sure there might be a leader out there who would actually lead us and not just be dead weight like 90% of commanders.


:cry This company is a joke, and a ripoff. Nothing like having your hard earned money just being flushed down the drain.

Shame on you. Our men and women deserve better.

Can't skype my husband without connecting and disconnecting 20 times. It's total bull$$$$.


i would love to have these guys in my crosshairs...i will not hesitate. well they are good at one thing...cheating service members of their hard earned money


'Thank you for logging on with SniperhHill!!'

I get this message about seven or eight times an hour...that's how frequently the service just simply stops working here in Baghdad on a very well established Air Force base. So you cannot use it for Skype. Generally browsing is tough.

By contrast MIT (magic island technologies) is rock solid here.

I do not understand after this many years how they can have such poor quality of service. This is just another contractor getting overpaid for a very low quality of service. :(


SniperHill is by the far the biggest ripoff to Soldiers serving in Iraq. Doesn't matter what package you choose, they're all the same, so you're basically paying more for nothing.

I am barely able to chat with my wife on Skype, let alone call her and have it disconnect within 5 minutes.

Every time I get a hold of SniperHill and tell them, they tell me the same ***, they're either updating and making it "better" or I have a bad internet cable. Just goes to show how much our government really gives a *** about us.


Sniperhill sucks here too, Shame on who lets these guys get away with it,


Sniper hill not only still sucks, but they now charge 110.00 per month. It is highway robbery for a service that is spotty and slow.

I cannot believe the government lets them get away with this. It is a crime, but we all pay it anyway. Why? Because it is the only option.


Worst part is for the youngest soldiers that barely make minimum wage and they are paying this. I am going to make an issue of this when I get back home.


The problem will never get better due to the government sponsored monopoly that is the internet services in iraq. With no competition there is no drive to improve services, especially since almost all MWR and AT&T services disconnected due to their presence. There should be at least 2 ISPs on each base so there are repercussions to poor service.


Just letting you know, it still sucks. My soldier can't even get yahoo messenger or skype up and running now.

The only contact we can get is through yahoo email chat. Thats it, zip. And that goes down all of the time, anywhere from a few minutes to all night. We are ready to pull the plug.

US Postal Service and Phone calls are sounding pretty good at this point. :(


Sniperhill sucks in speicher..I hate it like I hate being here in the desert. Miss home already after 2 weeks only.


I was at first excited about the new service. When my unit was in Camp Striker we had MIT for 65$ a month but it had a download/upload max.

We then moved to JSS loyalty where they only have Sniper Hill and it is the most rediculous thing i've ever seen. The first month we were he they didnt even have a representative here cus the guy went on leave and his replacement never showed up, and even now that we have one it still sucks.

I would like to know who's incharge of making the contract agreement an why somebody has'nt gotten rid of them. I bet this is another John Cockerham scam where somebodys getting payed off to give them contracts.


I pay $95 dollars a month so that I can speak with my family via skype or emails. For the past 6 months, I am literally only able to talk to my wife for 3.5 minutes at a time before the Great Sniperhill Internet service disconnects me.

What the *** am I paying for??? This has to be some kind of sick scam. We have soldiers and civilians paying thousands of dollars each month so we can talk to our loved ones back home and this company can't give me decent service. I knew the price was going to be high when I first got out here, and really I don't mind paying the price to have the ability to stay in contact with my family.

The issue is that I pay almost $100 each month and I can't actually stay in contact. I mean I can have 2-3 minute conversations before the internet gets disconnected for anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes or more. This is ridiculous!

Of course when I talk to the Sniperhill people, they tell me that they are updating to make the service better. Well, it can't get any worse!


I have found this service to be completely offensive. There have been so many skype messages that were intoleratable in my opinion.

There is nothing more frustrating then trying to talk to someone you miss and you can't understand a word they are saying or you can't keep the connection without dropping the callin several times before giving up on the conversation. Inevitably it will be a day that you really needed to talk to your soldier when it happens the most. I appreciate the service that we do have, but for the price we have to pay monthly is deplorable.

Either use all that money to fix this problem and provide a better service or drop the rates at which the soldier pays monthly. Please, if you truly are out there to help our soldiers, then fix this problem and make your service acceptable again.


This is disdainful. Maybe if they had a son or daughter serving overseas in a dangerous place, they would fix this problem.

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