Ninety dollars a month makes a big hole in the deployment pay of our soldiers. Yes, it's great having the service, but why does the government allow sniperhill to rob our kids blind for it ...

??? If it costs so much for Sniperhill to provide the service, why doesn't our government subsidize the cost so such a large chunk of our soldiers' deployment pay isn't paid to that company. If it is not that expensive for Sniperhill to provide the service, why is our government allowing sniperhill to charge that much??

It's bad enough our soldiers are where they shouldn't be ... at least help them stay in touch without robbing them blind.

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Las Vegas, Nevada, United States #683871

What do people expect? We are in a 3rd world country and you are complaining about a service you DONT need.

If you are not happy about the service, cancel, then find an MWR hotspot and use it.

Stop complaining about the speed and price. You don't have to have it/

Kabul, Kabul, Afghanistan #626929
Deployed at Bagram, Sniper Hill is now only internet provider. 90 bucks per monhts, but almost never 128kB (the lowest rate), outages few times a day.

I complied at their office and that *** said we are in Afghanistan. So, he should know that people are dying in Afghanistan every day, regardless of their job or company.
*** on this group of idiots. For skype it is terrible, sometimes it goes few minutes and interupted.

Thanks to AAFES to hire this company to steal our money. :cry :upset :?

I hate this internet. I can keep connected but cannot do anything.

it takes forever to load pages. skype? lmao yeah right! And it won't let you download anything..

for 90ish bucks i month i should be able to do what i want.

instead, i can do nothing. this company is *** and should be charged in court.

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