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Sniperhill is ***. Pages take forever to load.

Skype is near impossible. I had to download some training stuff from my company, Sniper hill doesn't allow downloading. For 90ish bucks a month i should be able to do whatever i want. Instead, i can do nothing.

This service is a scam and should be looked in to by our Government.

Taxpayers are footing the bill for this and not getting what they are paying for. This should be brought to the attention of courts and Sniperhill should be forced to give at least half of the money back to their subscribers.

Monetary Loss: $90.

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I have just looked thru the reviews and i agree with every single one of them. Sniperhill is a joke and should be ashamed to charge us that much and not offer the service we are paying for.

I have a macPro and no ethernet connection so i need wireless. But of course Sniperhill does not want you to use a router which i think is BS...I am in my third year contracting and to stay connected with fam is super important. Our government need to seriously evaluate this issue and fix it. I say Sniperhill does not deserve to stay on this contract and a different provider need to take over.

I used to be on a different FOB and been on Kandahar for about a year.

There was no Sniperhill and now i regret complaining about the internet there because this here is outrages. We might be over here and make more money but i am far from rich and im over here for a reason and it is def not to waist my money!

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