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Here is a perfect example of their continued customer support.


Dear (Sniper Hill Employee - Name Omitted),

Again, ... you didn't show. I don't know if I'm more ashamed to believe that

you would or disappointed in you for now honoring your word. I didn't even

receive a phone call from you letting me know you would be late, let alone a


I don't know if you have ever heard the saying that a "man's word is his

bond" or that a "man is only as good as his word", but if you haven't I

would suggest that you look into those sayings and their implications. Once

you feel you can actually honor a commitment, I would like for you to please

let me know when you or ANYONE can install my Internet connection in my

trailer G-40. I understand that you may be very busy, but a commitment is a

commitment, and I have waited hours upon hours for someone to show, only to

be routinely ignored.

As such, I will give you one more chance to set up this connection. I

understand a coworker of mine - (name omitted) - has been having issues for weeks now

(ticket numbers 701042, 702022, 704718 - which were all administratively

closed although no one resolved his issues). As such, I would like for you

to correct BOTH of these issues on the same day or trip to Slayer. I

honestly don't care what day or what time you do it - I just want it done.

If you need to schedule as early as 6AM, or late as 11PM, I'm willing to


Therefore, please let me know when you will be out to set this connection

up. I appreciate that you seem very overloaded with work, but please honor

your word.

(My Name & Phone Number Omitted)


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